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Not Your Typical Fruit Cake - Beatrice Bakery Beatrice Bakery Company is home to Grandma's Original Fruit & Nut Cake, a traditional holiday favorite that is packed with the rich wholesome goodness of fruits & nuts, combined in a batter with bourbon, rum and brandy. Video
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A Fruitcake Company Based in America's Heartland

Beatrice Bakery Company bakes some of the best fruit cake and dessert items in the world. While we bake a variety of artisan cakes, dessert liqueur cakes, breakfast breads, and coffee cakes, our old-fashioned fruit cake is by far, our most popular.

Grandma's Original Fruit & Nut Cake is a traditional fruit cake that demonstrates our commitment to baking handmade fruit cake with only the finest ingredients. The traditional grandma fruitcake is made with the rich wholesome goodness of ripe cherries, succulent pineapples, plump raisins, crunchy almonds, English walnuts and pecans. These ingredients are mixed into a batter enriched with the perfect amount of bourbon, rum and brandy. No citron or orange peel!

The Story of Our Famous Fruit Cake

Our beloved recipe, dating back to 1917, has been preserved through the years. The homemade goodness was first introduced to the public in St. Louis, Missouri by two German immigrant brothers. The Lantz brothers owned and operated a bakery where they discovered a family fruit cake recipe in their grandmother's cookbook. The recipe took off, and the Lantz brothers soon found themselves searching for a bigger facility to produce their grandmother's recipe. In 1964, their search took them to Beatrice, Nebraska and the current facility, nestled in America's heartland.

The Nebraska bakery changed names and ownership several times before becoming nationally known as Beatrice Bakery Co in 2002. Despite the changes, the original fruitcake recipe remained the same.

Our old fashioned fruit cakes are some of the best around. In fact, they have been featured on Food Network's UNWRAPPED "Holiday Favorites" episode, A&E Biography's "The House that Santa Built", on ABC's THE VIEW's "Holiday Candies, Cookies and Cakes" segment and received editorial recognition in Midwest Living magazine. Grandma's Fruit & Nut Cake is a must have holiday tradition for many generations!

Where to Buy Fruitcake & Desserts

Not only can our line of products be found in grocery and retail stores, but you can also order fruit cakes online. We supply catalogs throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico and have fruitcake for sale on military bases all over the world. If you're looking to buy the best fruitcake online, Beatrice Bakery Company will not disappoint.

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Beatrice Bakery
201 South 5th St Beatrice , NE 68310
Bakery Nebraska Beatrice Bakery Co. bakes some of the finest dessert and fruitcakes in the world. While we bake a variety of artisan cakes, dessert liqueur cakes, breakfast breads, coffee cakes and private label cakes, our old-fashioned fruitcake is by far, our most popular.