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Ye Olde English - Kosher, No-Alcohol Fruit & Nut Cake Amaretto Dessert Cake - Kosher
Chocolate Rum Dessert Cake - Kosher
Pineapple Macadamia Nut Cakes - Kosher Apple Cinnamon Nut Cakes - Kosher Blueberry Walnut Cakes - Kosher
No Sugar Added Fruit & Nut Cake - Kosher Breakfast Breads - Kosher Coffee Cakes - Kosher
Strawberry  Daiquiri Dessert Cake - Kosher
Irish Creme Dessert Cake
Peppermint Dessert Cake - Kosher
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These select cakes are certified Kosher through the Dairy (Milchig) requirements that are under strict Orthodox Rabbinical supervision by the Triangle K endorsement bearing the Kosher symbol.Kosher Cakes

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