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Dessert Liqueur Cakes

*NEW* Peppermint Dessert Cake - Kosher
Chocolate Rum Dessert Cake - Kosher
Amaretto Dessert Cake - Kosher
Irish Creme Dessert Cake
Cahlua Cafe Dessert Cake
Strawberry  Daiquiri Dessert Cake - Kosher
Lemon Drop Dessert Cake
Key Lime Dessert Cake
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Our signature dessert (liqueur) cakes are hand-made confections that literally melt in your mouth. We incorporated only the finest liqueurs into the batters, and after baking only that flavor remains, not the alcohol!

The most popular ways to enjoy a slice of these moist dessert cakes is topped with fresh fruits and dollop of whipped cream. Or pair any flavored ice cream and a favorite topping - holiday peppermint ice cream with hot fudge is delicious served with our Chocolate Rum cake.

Key Lime and Lemon Drop are refreshing spring and summer desserts by themselves, but try chilling the cake then cube to use for a chocolate fondue! Or place slices on low heat grill surface to achieve a toasted effect, this really pops the cakes flavors! If really adventurous, slice layers of Cahlua Café and spread each with mascarpone or rich custard dusted with cocoa for a decadent Tiramisu delight. Or just enjoy our Irish Crème served with coffee or your favorite beverage.

Other suggestions are - Make a trifle by cubing the Lemon Drop cake then altering with layers of fruit and pudding or yogurt. OR Create a sensational Strawberry Shortcake using Strawberry Daiquiri; or a Peach Melba with juicy peaches, tart raspberries over our Amaretto Cake topped with vanilla ice cream.

For a healthier alternative at weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers or any gathering, serve topped with fresh fruit! Let our cake flavors be what guests enjoy instead of traditional heavy frostings with added calories. But, if time allows and you enjoy decorating, these cakes lend themselves to that as well.

There are so many more ideas, and you can share yours by clicking on Contact Us. We make the quality products that our customers have come to expect from our brands and we love to hear how you enjoy sharing or consuming each of our baked goods.

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