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Kosher Products

Strawberry  Daiquiri Dessert Cake - Kosher
Amaretto Dessert Cake - Kosher
*NEW* Peppermint Dessert Cake - Kosher
Blueberry Walnut Cakes - Kosher Pineapple Macadamia Nut Cakes - Kosher Apple Cinnamon Nut Cakes - Kosher
Coffee Cakes - Kosher Chocolate Rum Dessert Cake - Kosher
Breakfast Breads - Kosher
Irish Creme Dessert Cake
Ye Olde English - Kosher, No-Alcohol Fruit & Nut Cake No Sugar Added Fruit & Nut Cake - Kosher
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Beatrice Bakery's kosher cakes are perfect for any time of year.

These select cakes are certified Kosher through the Dairy (Milchig) requirements that are under strict Orthodox Rabbinical supervision by the Triangle K endorsement bearing the Kosher symbol.Kosher Cakes

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